Monday, March 30, 2009

Uh, sure, I'd call that 126.

Wow.  That looks super fun.  126mph is the new worlds record for sailing on land.  And I thought I had the only proa land sailer!  And not only is theirs a proa, but it uses aerodynamic ballast!  To keep it from flipping over, the heeling force of the wing is counteracted by a horizontal foil shaped strut between the main body and the outer wheel, that's generating negative lift.  So as the wing is trying to tip it over, the foil shaped strut is trying to push the outer wheel into the ground.

If you watch closely while he's setting the record, the both the wing and the strut get all willowy and soft looking.  He's holding it right there, in that place before it explodes.  Beautiful!

Congratulations Ecotricity.  And as if it needs to be said, proas rule!

I guess I have to dig up my old Palindrome videos to celebrate!

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  1. Extremely cool. The mom in me was thinking, "what if he hits a rock?!"