Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Visiting the Autodesk/Instructables Workshop with Artist in Residence Alejandro Palandjoglou

The other day I got to catch up with my friend, and former Stanford TA, Ale Palandjoglou.  You might recall me bragging on him when he won the Core 77 Design Award for Social Impact.  Now he's working as an artist in residence at Instructables.  He's one of the many brilliant folks there who are figuring out just what exactly we're supposed to do with the new capabilities that computer controlled making machines have brought us.  Here's Ale with a REALLY big CNC machine.  Really, really big.

Here are some tasteful and good sitting simple chairs that Ale designed for CNC router construction.  A good sitting chair is a beautiful thing, and no mean feat to achieve.  I like chairs that look like chairs!
This is another project Ale worked on--3D printed pictures!  It gets thicker where where it should be dark and gets thinner where it should be light.  That way when you hold it up to the light, it looks like the picture below.

Here are some laser cut records.  You know, the kind you drop a needle on.  I didn't get to take a listen, but I'm intrigued for sure!

 Robot drums, because they can.

In the cube below, the black stuff is a soft elastomer, and the white stuff is hard plastic.  Again, because they can.

Oh and did I mention that they all work on a Pier 9 in downtown San Francisco?  If there are cooler places to have your workshop, I'd like to hear about them!


  1. More people are realizing how CNC machines can make better things! They're more precise than handmade ones, and they'll always be identical to the one that was previously made, lowering costs and opening up new ways to construct stuff, such as those great 3D printed pictures. The challenge is learning how to use these machines, and knowing how to maximize its abilities. Thanks for sharing!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College

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