Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was spanky

I took my sister Paula, her boyfriend Peter and my bother Pete out sailing on the bay on a breezy day.  Actually, it was, as we say in the sailing world, spanky.  It blew a steady 25-30 knots and gusts were hitting 38 measured at Angel Island, according to the wind and tides website.  My brother Pete and I have been out lots of times, but Paula and Peter had not.  Also, we were going out on a much lighter, fancier, faster boat than we had in the past.  Also it was spanky.

I had every intention of sailing out the gate, but as we approached the big red bridge, the waves got bigger.  And bigger.  And then my intention changed.  I decided to turn downwind, and head somewhere a little mellower.  As I started turning, I eased out the mainsail, when it happened.  An asshole.  An asshole is where you get a little twist in a rope, and it makes a loop.  Then that loop tries to go through one of the fancy pulley thingies and jams it.  So this lighter, fancier, faster boat proceeds to lay down on her side, ignoring the pleas of the rudder to turn downwind.  I think Paula was scared, because I was a little scared.  

Eventually I unjammed the blockage and the main went out and the lighter, fancier, faster boat took off like a shot.  Once we caught our breath, my brother took this video. We were surfing big swells just a moment before, but this was pretty good too.

Thanks, Pete, for having a waterproof camera and using it!

Check it out, but turn the sound down, its noisy.

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