Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out The Door

Man, what a great day.  Obama is the President (OBAMA!).  Yesterday I boxed up and palletized my latest design + build project.  And today it reached its destination in tact.  Also, OBAMA!

They're prototype retail fixtures for my latest client, Ibex.  Ibex makes stuff you might expect to be fleece, like jackets and base layers, but they're made of wool.  What's remarkable is how un-wooly they feel.  Its kinda silky--but still stretchy.

My studio mate Steve Barretto has been working with Ibex on their brand identity, communications and packaging.  Ibex wanted to think about how they could differentiate their modern, artisnal, high quality, materialicious products with retail fixtures that would reflect those values.  We had a chat about what they needed the fixtures to do, where they might work in the retail environment, who they are as a company, and soon enough I was designing fixtures for their booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Utah.  

 We signed off on the project a week before the holidays, for a drop dead delivery date of January 19.  There are 4 unique designs, but the total order was for 7 pieces. And it was a design + build project so even after the design is in the can, I would have to manage the vendors, do the logistics, check assemble everything, fix anything that's wrong, document the assembly for instructions, disassemble it, pack it up on a palate and write instructions.  It was a tight schedule.  There were some anxious moments about the sheetmetal getting done on time.  But hey, now my daughter can brag that she has been to a powder coating shop (that worked on a Saturday--thanks Miguel!).

I'll have lots of pictures of them in situ at OR soon.  I'm going there to go to bask in the splendor of the Ibex booth, and look for some more companies that might be ready for design help.  

In the mean time.  Here's a sneak preview of one of the designs.  (OBAMA!)


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