Friday, September 10, 2010

Experiences Make Technology Matter

I was really taken aback by the Apple Facetime commercials that have been running lately.  They don't tout the technological superiority or long list of features that the iPhone 4 has.  They show people connecting.  Sure they are connecting because they have a bunch of cool technology.  But the technology is not what matters.  What matters is how people feel when they have an amazing experience.

This video about open source eye tracking technology feels much the same to me.  Eye tracking technology has been around for a while now.  And it is kind of cool in and of itself.  But what is even cooler is to witness the experience that an artist with ALS has when he is able to create again.  Its so inspiring, in fact, that people are investing their sweat equity to make it happen.

All good design is experience design.

check out the video here.

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