Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wildness and Vulnerability in Me

My teacher, friend and sometimes colleague Michael Barry shared this amazing mini documentary about Shinya Kimura with me.  I love Shinya's post-apocalyptic junk yard aesthetic.  These bikes look like they are cobbled together just enough to take their speed runs at Bonneville.  They feel utterly functional, like they are predetermined by the intersection of the tools you have in your shop and the parts that are lying around. But they're really delicate aesthetic exercises in authenticity; imaginary relics of a parallel hot rod universe.

I loved the way he said "A motorcycle is more than art, its something that brings out my instincts, the wildness and vulnerability in me."  He has taken the visual language of speed on a budget, and distilled out only the emotions.  I'm sure these bikes are fast enough to scare you.  But ultimately they are about the sounds, smells and feelings of speed, not speed itself.  Wildness indeed!

 Custom Bobber Chopper 2 - Hoon

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